Acrobatic Guidelines

Last Updated: 27/11/2015

Respect the community of Acrobatic

The company requests all its registered users to respect the community of acrobatic. Every user and viewer has a certain level of trust and believes. Hence, do not upload any videos that abuse art of any field, religion and community. Be cool and play nice. This website is dedicated to spread the tactics and skillful moves of acrobatic. We welcome the videos that shares your skills and knowledge in any art and entertainment. If you’re an acrobatic savvy and want to share your skills with the world, this platform welcomes you with open hands. 

Do not spam or cross your line

The best and most reliable way to get maximum followers and hundreds and thousands of viewers is to create a video that goes viral; that teach about the art; that compels others to give a try; that encourage viewers to learn something new; that provokes viewers to learn the field of their interest. It is also a good idea to watch videos uploaded by others, comment or video that encourages them to teach/share their skills, but do not abuse them. acrobatic team encourages gentlemen behavior. Oh, forget to say, do not unsolicited mass messages. And, we insist users not to upload robot-like videos which go nowhere but degrade the reputation of a website. 

We expect all our registered users to share some meaningful videos that make others to watch, laugh, learn and comment. Below given are some suggestions that users should read before uploading videos on the website;

Never upload videos that are violent or completely filled with high graphics. Users should not post any videos that contain dramatized depictions of violence; that makes other to hate particular art or any channel of entertainment; that compels others to not visit the website again. If the company notices any such videos uploaded by the user's, strict action will be taken against the user and his account with acrobatic will be suspended permanently. 

Our website is designed to share the knowledge and skills of acrobatic and other related fields such as art and entertainment, sports, health and fitness. The company does not allow any of its users to upload or share videos that condones or promotes violence against the community, individual, religion, age, gender, nationality or the primary purpose into inciting hatred against anyone. If the company notices any such videos uploaded by the user's, strict action will be taken against the user and his account with acrobatic will be suspended permanently. 

Everyone hates spam as you do. When people are eager to learn something or try something new, they search for genuine clips not for spam. Registered users should not upload misleading videos or the skills and knowledge that are hyped in order to increase the views or to get more followers. The company does not encourage users to upload repetitive videos or to place repetitive comments/feedback. 

Users should upload the videos created on own. We do not encourage users to upload copyright reserved videos. User will be held responsible for such acts.  Acrobatic will not take any responsibilities for such act and may impose misuse the code of conduct and may claim compensation as per the law. 

Guide to upload videos


  • Registered user must hold all necessary right such as copyrights etc. for the uploaded video.
  • Users can upload videos capturing their act or act performed by others. You can also give explanation to learn the art. By uploading original videos, you can attract numerous followers and viewers. It is a good idea to watch video uploaded by the others to get different ideas or to keep your act unique. 
  • Acrobatic users can also upload videos they did not create as long as they hold necessary rights to use it in other websites 


  • Users are not permitted to upload movies, shows, television serials, or any other copyrighted materials. 
  • Videos that are hateful, harass others, or show explicit act.
  • Videos that promote unlawful acts, extreme violence, and highly dangerous acts that costs life, self-harm and cruelty towards humans, race, religion, age, gender, community and animals.


Violations of acrobatic video guidelines leads to the removal of your videos and/or your acrobatic account.

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